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  • Inspection of the Temporarily Sealed Export Consignment By an Official Valuer Gemmologist of the NGJA in the Presence of a officer from the Sri Lanka Customs Department inclusive of an officer from the National Gem & Jewellery Authority.

  • The Sealing Procedure is finalized with the placement of the NGJA Stamp on the Sealing Wax.

  • The Consignment id then transferred to the Safety Locker Pending Transportation Externally Covered Export Consignment is

  • Any attempts made at introducing undeclared goods consequent to the customs inspection will result in the confiscation of the entire consignment inclusive of the imposition of fines applicable.

  • Submission of the set of 8 Invoice Copies consequent to the stamping and authorization by Customs Officer & Valuer Gemmologist to counter No: 2 by the NGJA officer on duty at the Examination and Valuation Room.