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Sri Lanka’s State Gem Corporation established under the founder chairmanship of the late Mr. T. G. Punchiappuhamy on 1st November 1971 was subsequently, retitled THE NATIONAL GEM AND JEWELLERY AUTHORITY (NGJA) via Parliamentary act No. 50 of 1993. The new Mandate & Commission of the authority is the Directive to Develop, Regulate and Promote the Gemstone & Jewellery Industry in Sri Lanka.


Responsibilities & Activities

    • Development, Regulation & Promotion of the Sri Lanka Gemstone & Jewellery industry


    • Initiation, Facilitation & Engagement of Procedures and Techniques to underpin the deemed progressive direction of the aforementioned industry benevolent mandate. For the promotion and development of the gem industry


    • Exploration, Pursuance, Negotiation, Exploitation & Furtherance of Marketing Opportunities and Business to Business (B2B) Networking Platforms prevalent in the Domestic as well as in International Markets with the view to consolidate and reinforce the ever increasing demand for the product output of the Sri Lankan Gemstone & Jewellery Industry.


    • Facilitation and Engagement of both Local and Internationally reputed professional resource persons to conduct and update the Technical , Marketing, Social Responsibility & Business Administrative knowledge & Aptitude via Nationwide programs for the benevolence of all stake holders involved in the Srilankan Gem & Jewellery Industry


    • Implementation of well strategized activations designed to underpin the accomplishment of an untarnished level of supreme buyer confidence within the Buyer and Trader communities of Sri Lankan Gemstones & Jewellery Industry


    • Proscription and Abolishment of Illegitimate Industrial Activity inclusive of Irresponsible and Environmentally Damaging Gemstone mining and Illegal trafficking.


    • Establishment of fully equipped and dynamic Laboratory Units at strategic locations to facilitate services such as Gemstone Certification & Precious Metal Assays.


    • Upgrading of Regulatory Industry norms and Standards to be abreast with the international benchmarks as well as to throughput the social accountability of staff members and the attractiveness of alluring new enrolments critically needed for the continuance of the industry