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The registration process involves:
•    Approval of a sponsor’s mark by the Assay Office.
•    Registration of the approved sponsor’s mark.
The sponsor’s mark is registered for a period of ten years (10) after which time it can be renewed.
*Renewal notices are sent out as the ten- year registration expiry date approaches.


1.    A sponsor’s mark comprises a combination of two or more letters enclosed in a surrounding shield(see shield designs  below)
2.    In the case of private individuals the letters used must be his or her initials.
3.    In the case of a company the first letter of the words forming the name of the company must be used, or the first and  last letters if the name is only one word.
 The following are not acceptable for registration:

(i)    Designs already registered. (The combination of letters and shield design must be unique to the sponsor.

       The   registration officer at the Assay Office will advise which combinations are available.)
(ii)    Designs consisting of one initial only or letter joined in monogram form.
(iii)   Designs incorporating emblems or complete names.