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Current Gem Mining Projects

  1. Seethawaka Ganga Phase II

Seethawaka River; a major tributary of Kelani river is enriched with precious gem deposits and therefore it is a main target of illicit gem miners. The area close to Thalduwa Bridge which is located along Avissawella – Kegalle main road is well known for its gem deposits and therefore the area is subjected to severe illicit mining activities that caused once a murder and became a threat to the bridge as well as a serious social and environmental problem.

However the Sri Lankan Police Department, National Gem and Jewellery Authority, Divisional Secretary (Dehiowita), Central Environmental Authority and Road Development Authority were called for a meeting to find out a sustainable solution in this regard and all the parties decided that the most suitable and sustainable solution for this problem is to remove the gem deposits from the location in a safe and environmental friendly manner. After obtaining environmental clearance and clearances from other relevant organizations applications were called through publishing paper advertisements and applicants were interviewed by a committee appointed by the Ministry of Environmental and Renewable Energy and it was consisted of secretaries from the ministry and other relevant officers from NGJA & GSMB.

The suitable entrepreneur was selected considering the capacity to carry out the project according to the conditions provided by the Authority and as to gain the highest income to the Authority.

 Future Gem Mining Plans
Gem land auctions were planned to carry out in Bagawanthalawa, Ridiyagama and some other lands in Laggala - Pallegama.