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Pyrope-GarnetPyrope is essentially a magnesium aluminium garnet with varying amounts of iron, manganese and chromium in the composition as replacement elements. This variety is of a deep rich blood red colour, the colour of which is attributed jointly to the presence of iron, manganese and chromium. The overall colour is invariably associated with a tinge of yellow. Certain colours in pyrope garnets match closely the colours of rubies and these ruby red garnets are much favoured. An exceptional feature about pyrope is that in comparison to other varieties, these are less impaired by cracks and fissures. Pure pyrope is less abundant in this county although it could be said that it is more widespread in occurrence being found in many areas. Nevertheless, one observes a greater output from areas around the Embilipitiya ­Uda- Walawe regions.

The refractive index of this material varies between 1.73 and 1.77 while its density could also vary between 3.7 and 3.8. Its hardness is 7 in Mohs's scale.

Magnesium and aluminium are not known to impart colour to minerals. Therefore quite logically pure pyrope should be colourless, but pyrope in the colourless state is hardly seen, because iron, manganese and chromium are invariably present in the composition as a result of isomorphous replacement.