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Home Business Services Demuwawatha International Gem Trading Center

Demuwawatha International Gem Trading Center




The Demuwawatha International Gem Trading Center is a government-vested trading complex that serves as a hub for local and international gem traders, offering a range of essential facilities and services for trading and exporting. With its convenient location and comprehensive amenities, this trading center will be a vital destination for gem enthusiasts and professionals alike.


Banking and Money Transfer Facilities


The Center provides convenient on-site banking facilities through reputable International and Local financial institutions, ensuring secure transactions for gem traders and buyers.

Further, to facilitate seamless financial transactions, the trading center features efficient money transfer services. The facility will allow Gem traders to conveniently send and receive payments, both domestically and internationally, without the interference of third-party intermediaries. Accepting and exchanging foreign currency, Bank Telegraphic Transfers, Financial Assistance such as Bank Overdraft etc will be arranged.


Insurance Facilities



Recognizing the importance of valuable transportation of gems to their export destinations, the trading center offers comprehensive insurance facilities through Sri Lanka Insurance Cooperation. Gem Exporters can easily obtain insurance coverage for the transportation of Precious gems, providing them with peace of mind during export. The facilities will guarantee industry best practices, fair coverage, and hassle-free claims processing. Exporters who dispatch their export parcels need to obtain insurance covering the value of the parcels. So it’s Transportation Insurance.


Courier and Postal Facilities




Courier and Postal facilities are also available, enabling traders to securely send their gem export packages and correspondence to the buyers.

At present, only FedEx handles the precious cargo and they will collect the export parcel from the NGJA Export Division once we grant permission to export and sealed them.
Gem Export Center with Sri Lanka Customs Facility

The Demuwawatha International Gem Trading Center is comprised of a Gem Export Center of the National Gem and Jewellery Authority and all other supporting services related to the Export of Gems. Traders can easily navigate the Sri Lanka Customs process and ensure compliance with international trade regulations. The center’s experienced staff assists gem traders with proper documentation and procedures necessary for smooth and legal gem exports.

Gem Stones exports from Sri Lanka should obtain the approval of this authority and Sri Lanka Customs. In our export center we do facilitate Sri Lanka Customs, Sri Lanka Insurance Cooperation, Sri Lanka Postal Department, FedEX, and Freight Forwarding agents. Exporters should be a Licensed Gem Dealer and they need to bring Export Invoices and items to be exported for examination.


Information Center



The trading center houses an information center, offering a wealth of knowledge and resources related to the gem trade. Visitors can access information on gem trading practices, market trends, and export procedures. Knowledgeable Officer made available to answer queries and provide guidance, enhancing the overall trading experience for gem enthusiasts.


Parking Facilities



Recognizing the importance of convenient parking, the Demuwawatha International Gem Trading Center offers ample parking spaces for visitors. The well-maintained parking facilities ensure a seamless and comfortable experience for all visitors.


Gem Testing and Certification Laboratory Facility



As quality assurance is a crucial factor in the gem industry, the trading center houses State-of-the-Art Gem Testing and Certification Laboratory facility which enable Gem traders to test their gems and verify authenticity, quality, and grading, providing buyers with confidence in their purchases. Gem Stone Testing Certificates like Memo Certificate, Detailed Certificate and Certificate with Gem Photograph can be easily obtain.


Restaurant Facility on the Rooftop


To cater to the needs of traders and visitors, the Demuwawatha International Gem Trading Center boasts a restaurant facility located on the rooftop. Offering a panoramic view of the surroundings, the restaurant provides a delightful setting for relaxation and networking. Visitors can savor local and international cuisine, providing a well-rounded experience during their visit to the trading center.

The Demuwawatha International Gem Trading Center in Rathnapura, Sri Lanka, is an indispensable gem trading hub offering a range of gemstones, essential facilities, and services. This trading center aims to facilitate smooth and secure gem trading transactions with its comprehensive amenities.

We, National Gem and Jewelry Authority invite you to experience convenience trading and ensure secure purchasing at the center for both visitors and traders.



Acquisition of store can be done after an open tender the applicant who gives the highest value for the shop will qualify to occupy the shop.