“I want you to understand that the island of Ceylon is, for its size, the finest island in the world, and from its streams comes Rubies, Sapphires, Topazes, and Amethyst & Garnet.”

Marco Polo 1292 A.D.

Sri Lanka the Gorgeous Pearl of The Indian Ocean is not only a beautiful Island nation veiled by the “Endless Sheets of Heaven” , The Magnificently Picturesque Nation is a “Treasure Island”, enriched with the astonishing splendor of vividly colored bewitching gem stones that glitter to outshine the twinkling stars of a cloudless night.

The brilliance of colored stones from the “Serendib” (Sri Lanka) have inspired ancient Kings, Infamous Silk Road Traders of Chinese & Arabian & Chinese origin as well as Historians of medieval ancestry to affectionately nick name their precious little Island as “Rathna Dveepaya” to mean “The Gemmed Island” in English.

Little has changed since Marco Polo’s time. Such references reflective of the Historical Heritage and Grand Antiquity of the Srilankan Gem Industry has indeed catalyzed the Iconic Recognition of the “Ceylon Sapphire” as the Premium colored Stone of the World.

The “Mahavansa”, the great historical chronicle of Ceylon whose authority is undoubted, refers to the singular reputation of this island for its “Wealth in Gems”. Precious Gemstones recovered from the shimmering belly of Sri Lanka have donned the Crowns, Thrones & Tiaras of many Emperors including the British Monarchy.

Sri Lankan Gemstones were positionned amongst the Priceless Exhibits in the Royal Museum of Great Britain. Precious and enticing spectrum of Blue Sapphires, Star Sapphires, Rubies, Star Rubies, Alexandrites, Cat’s Eyes, Garnets, Zircons, Tourmalines and Spinals of unsurpassed Quality and Quantities have been dotingly delivered in an uninterrupted continuum since the biblical days of Solomon & Sheba to this date from the gem rich soil of the phenomenally blessed Island nation. A few of the priceless treasures, whose origins are traceable to Sri Lanka, are Blue Giant of Orient (466 cts), Logan Blue Sapphire (423 cts), Blue Belle of Asia (400 cts), Rossar Reeves Star ruby (138.7cts) and Star of Sri Lanka (393cts) and the Ray of Treasure (105 cts Cat’s Eye). The “Star of Sri Lanka" and “Ray of Treasure“ are the proud possessions of the National Gem & Jewellery Authority.