Home Business Services Importance of Assaying and Hallmarking jewellery
Home Business Services Importance of Assaying and Hallmarking jewellery

Importance of Assaying and Hallmarking jewellery

  • Protects Consumer as well as safeguard the jewellery industry from unethical practices/ competions.
  • Support to Maintain Sri Lankan jewellery standards in par with International Standards.
  • Minimize frauds (Under Karating) during Jewellery manufacturing trading and pawning etc.
  • Important tool to promote our jewellery in competitive international markets.
  • Essential system for Sri Lanka to be a full member of the Hallmarking Convention.
  • Where Sri Lanka Assay Office will be empowered by the convention to use world recognized “Convention Hallmark” which is a definite value addition for our jewellery exports. As well as eradicate
  • Cross border settings “At present 22 countries enjoy full membership of the convention, where as Sri Lanka, Italy and Ukraine are categorized as “observe members”.
  • Revenue Generation.

Why do you need standards & Protection for Gold, Silver & Platinum jewellery?

Pure gold, Silver & or Platinum are soft metals, hence wear away as well as lose their shape during the usage as jewellery.

Therefore , when jewellery are manufactured , these Precious Metals are alloyed with other “base metals” of cheaper value eg. Copper etc., in order to harden them, which in turn provides the dishonest with an opportunity for easy fraud by producing substandard jewellery.

Even base metal articles plated with a thin coat of gold or silver are indistinguishable from the same article made wholly of precious metal until subject to assaying / chemical analysis.

Because of these possibilities of deceptions the need for National precious metal standards, reinforced by an Assaying & Hallmarking System has been implemented under a legal frame work in that particular country.

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Why “SLAO Hallmarked jewellery” important to you and to the Sri Lankan economy?

  • To the public who receive a gurantee of quality for the metal content in jewellery.
  • To the manufacturer who is given a quality control service, and in turn protects the jewellery manufacturer/ trader from dishonest competition.
  • Important for pawnbrokers, insurance & Customs purposes and in Police Investigations etc.
  • Provide a great service in promoting jewelery exports as well as an important factor in the tourist industry.

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