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Home Business Services Gem & Jewellery Export Process

Gem & Jewellery Export Process

Procedure For Export of Gems & Jewellery

The Prospective Exporter should obtain a Gem Dealers License to cover the value of the merchandise to be exported.((This license could be obtained for varying amounts depending on the maximum stock that will be held at any given time, Please refer Gem Dealers License)
Exporters who wish to export their Gems and Jewellery should bring their goods to the Export Department of Head office at National Gem and Jewellery Authority Gem Export Center, Katunayake or Gem Export Center – Rathnapura.

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Services of the Export Division

Facilitation of Export of Gems/ Jewellery (PGE/PJE)
Facilitation of Export of Gems and Jewellery on Consignment Basis (PCGE/PCJE)
Facilitation of Gem Exports for International Gem & Jewellery Exhibitions – Exhibition Category (EXG/EXJ)
Facilitation of Gem Exports for Private Gem & Jewellery Exhibitions –
Demonstration Category (EXG – D/ EXJ – D)
Facilitation for Testing and Certification
Facilitation on Export of Gift Items
Facilitation of Export of Trade Samples
Facilitation of Geuda Exports

Required Documents for Export

-Eight (08) Copies of Commercial Invoice, which are to be used as follows,
-Export Division – Original
-Sri Lanka Customs -2 nd Copy
-Statistics Division – 3 rd Copy
-Copy to be used to make relevant payment to NGJA
-Statistics Division (Customs) -5 th Copy
-6 th – 8 th Copies are released to the Exporter. They are used to obtain Insurance Cover, for Airmail / Air Freight purposes, G. S. P. Certificate, “Carnet” Certificate and a copy to be retained by the exporter.

The following details should be given in the invoice

Exporter’s Name & Address
Consignee’s Name & Address
Consignee’s Bank Address (If necessary)
Terms of Payments
Exchange rate prevalent on the date of export
Passport Number of carrier
Date of Shipmen
Date of Departure
Flight No

Preparation of Export Invoice for submission

1– Export Invoices should be in the official Original letter Head of the Exporter.
2– Export Invoices should be duly & clearly typed for officer scrutiny. Hand written submissions will not be accepted.
3– Invoices should be devoid of alterations.
4– Exporters must clearly indicate the NGJA License number & NGJA file number in all Export Invoices submitted.
5– Export Invoices should indicate the F.O.B value of the consignment.
6– For Exporters who wish to send their export parcel via Postal Department/ Courier, C.I.F / C & F should be indicated in the invoices.
7– The Invoices should be indicative of the per Carat rate weight for Gemstones whilst mentioning the number of pieces and the Cartage of the Metal inclusive of the Gramm weight for Jewellery Articles.
8– The currency as well as the Current Exchange Rate applicable to the date of Exports (as per the Sri Lankan Customs Exchange Rate) should be clearly mentioned in the Invoice.
9– The Export Consignment should be indicative of Generic Local Market values applicable for the items included in the Invoice –undervalued / over value parcels will not be permitted to export.

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Format of the Invoice – For Gems

Below one Carat quantity in Lots will be accepted. If quantity submits in Lots it should be in similar varieties and similar Size/Cartage.
Measurement of all precious quality gems over 10 Cts must be given in a separate sheet of paper. This step is necessary to identify the gems on their return.

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1-Invoice should be handed over to the Export Officer of Export Division in counter 01, who will check the NGJA Gem Dealer License, calculations, entries and registrations.
2-Then the Exporter will be called upon to hand over his goods to the Assistant Director of Export Division. Item will be individually weighed, cross checked with the invoice and accepted for export and will be sealed temporarily; till it is submitted for examination.
3-The parcel will be examined at the Examination table by N.G.J.A. Gemologist / Valuer and Customs Gem Appraiser in the presence of the Exporter or his / her authorized representative.
4-This Examination is carried out to ensure the export of genuine gems and to avoid under or over invoicing.
5-After the examination, the parcel will be sealed with sealing wax by the N.G.J.A. official, Customs official and the Exporter. (Exporter is advised to bring his own seal tin box and brown paper for this purpose) if any synthetic stones are detected and if they are not declared in the invoice as synthetic stones; these will be confiscated by the N.G.J.A.
6-The sealed parcel will be kept back with the N. G. J. A. Invoices should be handed over to the officials; who will check the calculations and the entries. And four copies of the invoice will be handed over to the exporter duly acknowledged by Assistant Director; for the receipt of the parcel.

7-Then the exporter is required to obtain insurance coverage for the parcel and pay the Export Service fee on F.O.B. value to National Gem & Jewellery Authority.
8-The Exporter should get the Airway Bill from the respective Air Line Office and get a confirmation of the date and Airline which Air freight the Gem & Jewellery Parcel reach to the destination.
9-On the day of collecting the parcels Exporter should come to the National Gem and Jewellery Authority, and particulars of the parcel to be entered in the Releasing Register before 10.00 a.m. Air Mail parcels are released on all working days.
10-The Authority will check all the documents pertaining to the Export and release the parcel to Customs through Exporter enabling them to release the parcel to the Air Line (Air Freight Parcel).
11-After Customs formalities are completed parcel will be kept by Customs till it is released to the Post Office at the National Gem and Jewellery Authority. For which the Exporter must bear the cost of air mail and stamp fees.

2022 Export Service Fee

Description                                Classification code        Export Fee (Offline)

Bellow USD 200 Gems & Jewellery                                             Rs 1000

USD 201 – 1000 Gems                          PCGE-1                           Rs.1000
USD 201 – 1000 Jewellery                    PCJE-1                           Rs.1000

USD 1001 – 3000 Gems                       PCGE-2                           Rs.3000
USD 1001 – 3000 Jewellery                 PCJE-2                           Rs.3000

Above USD 3000 Gems                        PCGE-3                         Rs.2000 + FOB * 0.25%
Above USD 3000 Jewellery                  PCJE-3                         Rs.2000 + FOB *0.25%
Above USD 3000 Confirm Gems         PGE                               Rs.2000 + FOB * 0.25%
Above USD 3000 Confirm Jewellery   PJE                               Rs.2000 + FOB * 0.25%

Procedure of Gem & Jewellery parcel returns

Contact the Customs Gem Appraiser with Customs import bill of Entry, duly perfected. Then the Customs will make an endorsement for the transfer of the parcel, from the Air Port to National Gem & Jewellery Authority Export Division.
On arrival of the parcel at the National Gem and Jewellery Authority, the exporter should forward the details pertaining to the parcel number, date of export of the parcel to enable “NGJA” to trace the connected invoice.
The parcel will be inspected by the Customs Gem Appraiser and N.G.J.A. Valuer. If these officials are satisfied that the description, number, weight, rates etc. of the items within the parcel tally with the original invoice particulars, and that the parcel had been returned by the overseas bank / Customs with its seals and the necessary certificates, the Customs Gem Appraisers will authorize the release of the parcel.
The parcel will be returned to the exporter by Customs at the N.G. J. A. after producing bill of store and the entries being made by the Customs Appraisers.

Procedure for the application of Service Fee Waiver (SFW) allowance for Exhibition Exports

1-The Export Service Fee Waiver allowance will be granted for participants of International Exhibitions based on the documentation and settlement record of previous Export Service Fee Waiver granted by NGJA to the respective exporter.
2-The exporter should make a formal request to Director Export Services & Export Marketing prior to seven (07) working days of the expected export date.
3-The Exporter should attach the duly signed contract of the Show Organizer, Payment receipt of the stall and invitation extended by Show Organizer.
4-The grace period provided for the settlement of Export Service Fee Waiver is maximum of 180 days from the date of Export.
Rs. 15,000/- shall be charged as an upfront fee.
5-When a Gem and Jewellery parcel is returned the exporter should clear the parcel from the same branch. He / she should submit sales and returned invoice of the respective export. The parcel will be inspected by the Gem Appraisers of Sri Lanka Customs and NGJA.
6-Service Fee will be calculated based on the declared sold items. 0.25% on the FOB Value of the sold items will be charged on the return of the items. However if the Service Fee value not exceed the upfront fee of Rs.15,000/- an additional fee will not be charged. Where as if the Service Fee Value exceed the upfront fee of Rs. 15,000/- difference between the values will be charged.
(In fact Rs. 15,000/- to be set off against the actual charges payable)
In the event of full return or actual charges being below Rs.15,000/- upfront fee of Rs. 15,000/- will be retained.
7-NGJA will recover the Export Service Fee amounting to 0.25% of the finalized FOB value in the event of the exporters failure to submit or accurately declare the sold items or submit the very same stones/ Jewellery for the examination prior to the expiry of the grace period provided for settlement.

Procedure for the application of Service Fee Waiver (SFW) allowance for Consignment Exports – Demonstration Category

1-The SFW would only be granted for Consignment Export covered by collateral indemnity by way of Cash Deposit or Bank Guarantee covering the value by collateral service fee applicable for the finalized F.O.B. value of the consignment.
2-The grace Period provided for the settlement of Export Service Fee Waivers (SFW) granted for Consignment Export to be limited to a maximum of 180 days commencing from the date of export.
3-The NGJA would levy a non-refundable administration cost amounting to Rs.15, 000/- for such exports.
4-0.5% will be charged from the declared sold items of the FOB Value in the original invoice

5-0.5% will be charged from the FOB Value of the invoice in the event of failure to present respective exports within 180 days from the date of export.
6-For Full return – Rs. 3,000/- will be charged.

Return Procedure for Exhibition and Consignment Exports

Exhibition and consignment Exports to which ESFW has been granted by the NGJA should mandatorily be submitted for the scrutiny and examination of a valuer Gemmologist and an officer of the Export Division on their return prior to clearance. The exporter must unfailingly obtain the settlement seals from the officer on duty.

The NGJA will levy the full Export Service Fee Applicable for the entire consignment upon the Exporters failure to submit return consignment to the scrutiny of the valuer Gemmologists and Assistant Director of the NGJA.
No further ESFW will be granted to Exporters who do not comply with the above requirement.
NGJA will recover Export Service Fee amounting to 0.5% of the finalized F.O.B. value of the entire consignment in the event of the exporters failure to submit the sales summary of the gem stones/ jewellery or submit the very same gem stones for the examination by the valuer Gemmologists of the NGJA prior to the expiry of the grace period provided for settlement


The Information Brochure For Gem And Jewellery Dealers – English / Sinhala / Tamil

Contact details of Export centers

Export Division of National Gem and Jewellery Authority. (N.G.J. A.) at No. 12, Macsons Tower, Colombo 03.

Mr. Ranga Wanasinghe
Assistant Director (ES&EM), National Gem and Jewellery Authority
Tele (Dir) – 0112337693

Mrs. Achala Perera
Assistant Director (ES&EM), National Gem and Jewellery Authority
Tele (Dir) – 0112390654

“Gem Centre” – Ratnapura

Ms. Anoma Weralupe
Assistant Director (ES&EM), National Gem and Jewellery Authority
Tele (Dir) –0452222008

Gem Export Centre, Cargo Village, Air Port- Katunayake

Mr. Shanaka Karunarathna
Officer In charge, National Gem and Jewellery Authority
Tele (Dir) – 0112252203